Catholic United Financial Merger

Trusted Fraternal Life Announces Second Merger in Three Months
Will Become 6th Largest Fraternal in the United States

July 10, 2024


Catholic United Financial Intends to Join the Trusted Fraternal Life Family of Brands.

We’ve been collaborating with Catholic United Financial on various initiatives for many years, as part of a fraternal investment consortium, developing an insurance technology system and shared services platform, and serving on the Board of Directors of the American Fraternal Alliance.

This merger is a natural next step and a reinforcement of our shared values and commitment to grow existing business and engage more people to enjoy financially secure, purposeful lives.

We are excited for the future to achieve economies of scale in order to be relevant, to compete, and to grow.

Catholic United Financial's merger into the Trusted Fraternal Life family of brands would take effect January 1, 2025, pending approval by Catholic United Financial delegates and regulators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening between Catholic United Financial and Trusted Fraternal Life?

Catholic United Financial is the second fraternal organization to announce its intention to join the Trusted Fraternal Life family of brands. Trusted Fraternal Life was established in March 2024 by Catholic Financial Life to achieve its vision of being the innovative leader in fraternal partnerships and consolidation while growing existing business, and engaging more people to enjoy financially secure, purposeful lives.

Who is Catholic United Financial?
Why is Catholic United Financial joining Trusted Fraternal Life?
How does the merger benefit Trusted Fraternal Life members?
What is Trusted Fraternal Life and why was it created?
What is a family of brands?
When would this merger be effective?

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